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            Welcome to Maharani

            The Maharani was born out of our vision to deliver a restaurant that offered a special experience to the people of Ipswich. When crafting the restaurant, we did not cut any corners.
            We welcome you to a sleek modern restaurant, traditional and contemporary curries, with a few little twists. Our entertainment nights are renowned and attract customers from afar.
            The Maharani is the ideal Indian restaurant venue for relaxed evening dining . We can also cater very well for large groups, celebrations and business functions.

            Our Special Offers

            Tawa Machli

            Fillet of freshwater fish marinated in an exquisite masala pan, fried and served with lemon wedges

            Chicken Korai

            Dry spiced, cooked with onions and prepared tomatoes

            Korma Cuisine

            Prepared with mild Spices, fresh herbs and thick sauce, Cooked with fresh cream to create a delicate flavour and creamy texture

            About our Restaurant

            The Maharani restaurant is a classy and elegant Indian restaurant established in 1984. Our culinary philosophy is deceptively simple. We celebrate the very best of Indian food.??The Maharani cuisine is an extraordinary combination of flavours, delicate seasonings, in- house freshly ground spices, marinades, and complex tastes. We use only fresh and locally sourced ingredients.


            Quality Food

            A modern twist on the flavours and textures of India, combining and celebrating diverse regional methods of cooking, with the tandoor at the heart of the kitchen.

            Original Recipes

            We use only the finest ingredients with authentic herbs and spices to flavour each dish which is a master piece for you to enjoy and is complemented by our first class service.

            Fastest Delivery

            Restaurants want respect for how their food is delivered and customers want a better service. The landscape is changing fast and although some companies are reacting quickly, providing customers with every whim at their fingertips, they forgo quality and service to make it happen. We decided from the beginning to do things differently.

            Maharani is a fine dining restaurant specialising in authentic Indian cuisine of the best quality and extreme care to use the very best ingredients by our chefs who has experience of more than 35years.

            Order Online

            Everyday from 5:30pm to 11:00pm

            Our Team of Professionals

            Behind every great business is a strong family, bags of creativity and non-stop energy.?

            Chef A.Miah

            Maharani is backed by skilled Tandoori chef A.Miah who has worked in the restaurant business for over X years. He said: “We make no compromises on our food which is why we continue to attract diners from across the East.”

            Minhaz Miah

            Managing the business with his Father Manik and ensuring the highest standards at all times is Minhaz

            Manik Miah

            Managing the business and ensuring the highest standards at all times is Manik. He said: “We have a simple philosophy which is to convey our passion for superb food and top customer service.”

            Our Gallery

            How to Find Us


            46 Norwich Road, Ipswich, IP1 2NJ

            Phone & Email

            Phone: 01473 232266 Email: ipswichmaharani@gmail.com

            Working Hours

            Mon - Fri: Lunch Closed 5:30pm to 11:00pm
            Saturday - Sunday: 12:00pm to 2:00pm & 5:30pm to Midnight

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