Frequently asked questions

These are the most regular question which may you need to ask while you desire to be familiar to our services and policies.

Q. How will the delivery of my paper be carried out?

A. Your paper will be sent to you through an e-mail attachment, more specifically a Microsoft Word document. If you face trouble with the paper being forwarded in the form of an email attachment, it can be shared by copy-pasting it in an email message itself.

Q. Are your prices reasonable as compared to the market?

A. We offer our services at the lowest of prices. You may rest assured that we are not robbing you, and offer high quality at a low price.

Q. What if there is no delivery of my paper?

A. There is no chance that we will fail to deliver your paper. If a mistake has happened in the delivery process, then you can file your problem with our customer support so that your paper can be resent to you.

Q. What citation styles can you provide?

A. Your paper will be composed according to your chosen citation style. We do them all.

Q. Is there a method to make certain that you will fulfill your promises?

A. Our sole objective is to help and satisfy our customers. We don’t just want to get done with your paper or task; we want to form an equation of trust with you. Thus, we ensure that all your requirements and specifications are met so that you will keep approaching us for your papers.

Q. If the paper does not fulfill my requirements, will it be revised based on my request?

A. Sure. You will get a free revision of your paper if it fails to fulfill your requirements, or if it does not match required standards. You will have to file a request for revision within a time span of 30 days.

Q. How do I know that my paper will meet the required academic standards?

A. Not only are our writers sufficiently qualified, they are also aware of the nuances of academic writing and properly trained. They will initiate the writing of your paper by keeping in mind all the standards and specifications.

Q. How long can the paper that I place an order for be?

A. As long as you want it to be.

Q. Who will be writing my paper?

A. Your paper will be written by a sufficiently qualified writer, whose area of expertise and chosen subject will be according to the topic of your paper. Your papers are in the hands of professionals who possess the required prowess and experience to write your paper. Not only will the writer have a Master’s or higher degree, they will also be proficient in handling the language.

Q. With so many companies providing the same kind of services, why should I choose yours?

A. We are an authentic company which has the experience of several years, and our claims are valid and based on solid foundations. With us, you will get exactly what was promised. Thus from us, you will get what you asked for, and it will be completely personalized and customized. We consider it our responsibility to satisfy our customers more than anything else. What you paid for is yours, and you will get a good grade for it.

Q. Will my privacy be guarded?

A. Completely! We believe in strict security and integrity and will guard your information like it is our own. It is absolutely secure with us.

Q. What is the minimum time span in which you can deliver my paper?

A. If you choose to pay the amount for our fastest services, then you can get your paper within two days.

Q. Do your services go beyond the ones promised on your Home Page?

A. Certainly! Other than the services exclusively listed on our website, we can help you out with an extensive variety of academic assignments. No matter what your dilemma or issue is; we are here to resolve it. We write all kinds of papers, including simple and complicated, theoretical and conceptual papers, and so on.

Q. What does money-back guarantee mean?

A. If for some reason you have been provided with a paper which has too high levels of plagiarism, and if there is ample proof for it, then you will get your money back.

Q. Will paying you through a credit card be secure?

A. Credit card usage is completely secure. We incorporate necessary and high level encryption techniques to guarantee that your credit card information will not even be sighted by anyone who is not supposed to set eyes on it.

Q. Will your writers be able to meet all the requirements?

A. Our writers have the experience of several years in this industry. There exists no doubt that they will be capable of fulfilling all your requirements. Their relevant experience and expertise will make certain that there are no hiccups or loopholes in the writing of your paper or the final product.